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Green Map Notes

1. The greens were mapped by George Kosch using a device called, "Breakmaster Digital Green Reader" (http://breakmaster.com/). This is the first version of my project to help understand the break on our wonderful greens. I decided to simply upload the images to a website rather than try to create a book since everyone has a phone and/or printer and can do whatever they feel like with these pages.

2. This is Version 1.0 (July 7 2019). I will add version numbers, dates and notes on the changes in this area so that you can print a fresh updated copy or simply know about the changes for your own notes.

3. What do those numbers mean?

  • Slope of .5 = very little break
  • 1.0 is break you should say, "looks like it goes that way". In other words - noticable.
  • 1.5 is break you will see without much trouble
  • 2 means your ball will move so aim accordingly.
  • 3 - 5 means you are playing at BGCC so "deal with it because it's going to break" (number 7 anyone or perhaps 15 or even 12 YIKES)

Finally, those little circles are areas that were below .5 for that small part of the green which means "flat as a pancake"!

4. If you are using these maps and find errors that I have made in slopes or simply want me to redo an area of any green please email me at georgekosch@gmail.com. I will be happy to update any areas of concern and upload the changes.

5. Can you use "Green Books"? Yes, ==>> http://breakmaster.com/Greens_Books_are_Legal.html

6. How to print and laminate:

a. Print out the Small or Large greens.

b. Combine #1/#2 back to back and do the same for all 18.

c. Then using a laminator (Staples has one for about $70) you can create your Greens Book.

Here is what I used:

Green Books

If you use the small images you can get 8 greens per page. The large ones will be half that.

Questions? Email me at georgekosch@gmail.com